New Herba Stochita series (2022)

Inorganic Scarf

We just got the first batch of these beautiful wool/acrylic scarves. Each run of the design is unique and only made once. It features the same algorithmic plant design as The Plant Printer uses to generate its beautiful leaf patterns. It’s the perfect scarf to keep warm during a long and cold winter, pleasantly reminding you that plants will eventually grow again next summer.

Inorganic.Design is an online collection of artwork by Icelandic artist Halldór Eldjárn. In his work he strives to combine mediums, by introducing technology in to the artistic process, using algorithms to generate artwork and create installations of machines that self-produce new artwork.

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Herba Stochita 2022 (A6)

Herba Stochita is a generative artwork, resembling a plant. Each copy is unique and only printed once. A custom algorithm produces each picture, which is sent through a pen-plotting machine that draw the image on to paper. The machine uses a Japanese bristle brush calligraphy pen which creates an organic texture and imperfections. The ink in the drawings is a natural dye extracted from Icelandic crowberries handpicked in September 2022. Herba Stochita comes in a high quality frame made from solid oak.

The Plant Printer

A machine that acts and grows like a hanging plant. Equipped with a thermal printer and a light sensor, runs on electricity and is controlled by light amount. Each day, a few centimeters of the generative plant are slowly printed on the paper tape. The amount of light dictates how many and how big the leaves on the plant grow. It’s the perfect conversation piece for your living room!