Herba Stochia III (14/16)


Herba Stochia III is the third series of 16 pictures rendered with an algorithm that simulates organic plant growth. At first, the pictures are calculated using a generative computer program. Each picture is unique, with many random factors affecting the generation of the image.

Pictures are selected to be put on paper. They are then drawn with a plotter holding a Japanese bristle brush pen. The ink used in the pen is made from Icelandic crowberries from a recipe from the 17th century.

The result is a picture of a plant that is both organic and inorganic in many ways.

Each picture comes framed, numbered and signed.

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Herba Stochia is a plant generated by an algorithm, which can create endless variations of itself.  The picture is rendered with a plotter equipped with a Japanese bristle brush pen and uses home-made ink made from Icelandic crowberries. Each plot is unique and the same variation will never be printed twice.

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