Herba Stochia IV (12/16)


Herba Stochia IV is the fourth series of 16 pictures rendered with an algorithm that simulates organic plant growth. At first, the pictures are calculated using a generative computer program. Each picture is unique, with many random factors affecting the generation of the image.

Pictures are selected to be put on paper. They are then drawn with a plotter holding a Japanese bristle brush pen. The ink used in the pen is made from Icelandic crowberries from a recipe from the 17th century and this batch of berries was handpicked in Svarfaðardalur in September of 2020.

The result is a picture of a plant that is both organic and inorganic in many ways.

Each picture comes framed, numbered and signed. Each individual run of the algorithm is only printed once and never again so each copy is unique. The frames are custom built from solid walnut, varnished with mix of linseed oil and beeswax. The glass in the frame is anti-reflective 70% UV protected.

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